Bianchi – one family, four generations and over 130 years of experience of importing, processing and selling fresh food. That is basically today’s modern Bianchi company in a nutshell. But you can also have a look at the tireless work, the belief in success and the passion for good food. Permit us to do that for you – just as briefly.

It was 1881 when the Milanese caterer Giuseppe Bianchi opened a little shop on Strehlgasse in Zurich, selling fruit, vegetables and Italian sausages. And he did well, because within just a few years he had extended his business to Marktgasse and his range with fish, poultry and game. Bianchi had already become synonymous with fresh produce in Zurich.

platzhalter 1 Bianchi on the Marktgasse has been the one-stop shop for fresh fish in Zurich since 1881.

When Giuseppe Bianchi Junior, a qualified merchant and chef, took over the business in 1920 he continued in exactly the same vein as his father. New business premises on Metzgergasse enabled him to supply the ever increasing number of stores, restaurants and hotels in and around Zurich.

ostern Sales figures for the Easter week 1952: the shops were doing well.

In 1977 the management was passed on to Eduard Bianchi. He renovated the wholesale departments, the refrigeration and deep-freeze units, and opened up totally new prospects for Bianchi by moving into the new factory building in Zufikon. The product range became wider and more international, coming from all over Europe, Asia and North America.

Today the company is run by Giulio und Paolo Bianchi. It is bigger than ever before and delivers to satisfied customers throughout Switzerland: wholesalers, smaller shops, restaurants and hotels. And even in the fourth generation the name Bianchi stands for a spirited large company with the service of a little shop. Or quite simply for freshness.

Portrait Firmengründer

Giuseppe Bianchi


Paolo and Giulio Bianchi


Newspaper in Zurich from January 1955.