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For hotels and restaurants:
G. Bianchi AG
Allmendweg 6
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Your adviser is: Giulio Bianchi, Paolo Bianchi, Marina Hofmann, Rolf Hanselmann, Jürg Prina, Cosimo Carnevale, Philipp Niederberger, Jean-Claude Repp, Catherine Max, Roberto Gasparini, Maurizio Saro, Roland Heinzer, Josef Richartz, Darko Dujic, Alain Nidegger, Nicole Karli, Jens Wöckel, Jochen Hübbe,

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Für For bulk buyers
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Jürg Grob, Fortunat Gregori, Petra Keller, Felix Furrer, Patrik Huber, Gabriela Kunisch, Albina Muqaj, Urs Reist, Nico Leininger, Alain Jouvenat, Tamara Hildbrand,

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Debitoren Buchhaltung
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