Almost half of our entire product range consists of fish. So you have a large selection. Saltwater fish, freshwater fish, totally fresh, frozen, whole fish or pieces, processed or as ready-made convenience products. Tell us what you want. We’ll bring it to you.
Crustaceans and shellfish
Our range of crustaceans, shellfish and molluscs delights the finest palates: we supply fresh, i.e. whole and alive such as lobster, langoustines, muscles, etc. as well as specialities preserved in oil or seawater, and frozen specialities. The choice is yours.
Would you prefer your meat totally fresh or totally fresh-frozen? Beef, pork, veal or lamb? Or perhaps even crocodile? With Bianchi the choice is yours.
We deliver poultry whole or portioned. And of course the choicest pieces. Here, too, you can choose between totally fresh or frozen. And from a wide range of carefully processed semi-finished and finished products.
Our range of game has to be seen and tasted. From fillet through Geschnetzeltes [thinly sliced] to saddle or peppered – at Bianchi we have it all. Plus all the trimmings. Like game sauces.
Bianchi makes semi-finished and finished products from the fish, meat, poultry or game segments, as well as pasta and other convenience products with the utmost care using only totally fresh ingredients. And with good taste, naturally. After all, they should taste as good to your customers or guests as they do to us.